What is Thai Yoga Bodywork?

Thai Yoga Bodywork, or Thai Massage, is a sacred healing art that has been practiced in Thailand for more than 2500 years. It is deeply rooted in traditional Thai medicine, Buddhism, Yoga and massage. The practice is based upon metta (loving kindness).

Thai Yoga Bodywork recharges my physical, spiritual and emotional energy.
— Kim Spensley, school teacher

What does Thai Yoga Bodywork do?

It combines stretching, rhythmic compression, reflexology, acupressure along energy lines, rocking, compassionate touch, range of motion exercises and assisted yoga positions. 

How is Thai Yoga Bodywork conducted?

Thai Yoga Bodywork is a type of massage that is performed on a mat on the floor. Both the receiver and the practitioner wear loose, comfortable clothing. The practitioner uses palms, thumbs, forearms, feet, elbows and knees in providing the bodywork. 

What are the benefits of Thai Yoga Bodywork?

Decreased stress

Pain relief

Increased flexibility and energy

A deep sense of calm and relaxation

A soothed nervous system

Increased range of motion

A meditative state of mind

Increased sense of spiritual wellbeing

Marcy’s Thai Yoga Bodywork was truly amazing. I emerged from the in-depth session with a degree of flexibility that I had never experienced before. My spirit felt centered, my mind relaxed and my body invigorated. I am convinced that the body work played an integral role in shaving ten minutes off of my previous marathon time, while preventing injuries along the way.
— Chris Irish, RN, nurse & runner

Who is Marcy Covey?

Marcy holds Advanced Certification in Thai Yoga Healing Arts from internationally renowned instructor Jonas Westring. She has also studied with Kam Thye Cow, founder of the Lotus Palm School of Thai Yoga Massage in Montreal, Canada. Marcy is certified in Pre-Natal Thai Yoga Massage through the Lotus Palm School of Thai Massage. She is a certified Yoga instructor with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. An exercise and wellness instructor for over 30 years, Marcy brings to her work a respect for human nature and an understanding of the need for kindness and connection between people. 


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